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Public Art Collection

Urban Alley Serene
Jeff Homar

Urban Alley Serene

Urban Alley Serene hangs near the bank of public computers on the first floor and is adjacent to the rotating art wall. Acquired in 2012.

About the Artist

Jeff Homar earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Science in Art from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. He spent time as an art teacher in the School District of Cudahy and at MATC extension. Jeff has exhibited his work extensively, has won numerous awards, and is currently exhibiting work at the Almont Gallery.

While the focus of Homar’s art for the last 12 years has been on creating Art Boxes that incorporate watercolor paper and other materials into boxes by observing, listening and reacting to music, the Library has purchased a previously completed canvas collage. Urban Alley Serene features a dynamic space being pinched between the two buildings that flank the slit of sky. The clarity and strength of the windowed background building helps define this space. The image from the artist's photographic slide was projected onto a large canvas and pieced together by cutting and gluing a variety of found canvas together, upon which color was then applied using acrylics and oils.

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