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“Bookleggers” (NOT Bootleggers!) offers 4th, 5th, & 6th graders a smorgasbord of books to tempt their reading appetites.

The Bookleggers (Waukesha Public Library children's staff) can be “booked” to go out to classrooms in area schools (or scout meetings or afterschool programs, etc.) to “booktalk” choice books for kids; a "booktalk" being a short, engaging "advertisement" for a good read!

To schedule a Booklegger visit to your classroom or group meeting, please call the Waukesha Public Library's Children's Desk at 262-524-3692.

Bookleggers is based on the simple fact that “The More You Read, The Better You Read!” Children, just like adults, will choose what they are familiar with. We're offer­ing kids the chance to get to know a variety of books at their reading level, to hear about the books from people who know and love books and reading. Then the kids will have a reading “shopping list” they are excited about the next time they visit their school or public library.

Since our goal is encouraging children to enjoy reading as a leisure time activity, Bookleggers is designed as backup to the instruction and reading promotion that the classroom teachers and school librarians already offer.

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