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Class Visits and Group Tours of the Children's Department

The Waukesha Public Library invites you to bring your class or children's group to visit the Library so that they can become familiar with the services and resources that we offer.

The new second floor children's area was officially opened in March 2010. This beautiful setting for children and parents includes sun splashed window seats, updated computer clusters for educational games and student research, and 321 Alphabet Square, an interactive play space designed for youngest children to develop pre-reading skills.

Children's groups and classes sixth grade and younger may schedule their visits with the Manager of Children's Services: 262 524-3692

Depending on time available and age of the audience, tours in the children's department may include some combination of the following:

  • A walkabout exploration of the children's department highlighting age appropriate collection areas, the softest chairs and best window seats for personal reading sessions, and the location of the essentials - the bathrooms and the water fountain
  • Library Basic Training ---
    • Borrowing vs. Buying
    • Your Library Card-The Golden Key to all you see around you
    • Care of borrowed materials including defense against younger siblings, pets and all forms of moisture
    • Fiction and Non-fiction,-- all library items have an address

  • Making a quick getaway -- Self Check Out machines
  • Tips on using the computer catalog
  • Instruction on the electronic resources in the Student Research Center
  • A fun session of storytelling for younger kids or booktalks to whet the reading appetites of older students.

Most visits will last 30 to 40 minutes. Following the tour, classes are free to browse for books, conduct research and check out materials.

Tours should be scheduled as far in advance as possible; a minimum of one week notice is requested. For classes to receive library cards and check out materials the day of their tour, card applications should be signed by parent or guardian and returned to the library a minimum of 10 working days before the visit.

Before the children arrive for the visit please remind them of basic library courtesies like using lower voices. We ask that a teacher or adult leader accompany the group throughout the tour.

Groups from communities in Waukesha County other than the City of Waukesha will be encouraged to visit their local library, but a visit to Waukesha Public Library can be arranged if they still desire it. Requests for visits from groups based outside Waukesha County will be considered on an individual basis.

Thank you for taking the time and effort to give the children in your care the chance to learn more about their library. Each time a child visits the library; it reinforces and expands reading and thinking skills. We appreciate the chance to work with you to encourage these children to become lifelong learners.

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